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Successful where all other brands fail

TISSUPOR® 3D makes significantly more therapies successful, much easier and cost effective than any competitors – thanks to its revolutionary 3D high-technology.

Best healing performance
by significantly lower treatment cost

Where all other products fail for years, TISSUPOR® 3D can heal severe and chronic wounds within a few months.

TISSUPOR® 3D wound pads can be used up to 7 days (successfully used up to 8 days in clinical studies). All competing products can be used up to 2 days.

Wound treatment with TISSUPOR® 3D saves approx. 70% of the costs for expensive medical personnel compared to all other products (per month).

*This information is based on years of practical experience by our clinical studies, medical experts and patients. These are averages. Please note that every wound treatment is different.

Revolutionary 3D Structure

Superior Healing Performance

Certified Swiss High-Tech


The only solution for many severe & chronic wounds

While conventional (2D) wound pads have a passive function and only protect wounds from external influences (such as inpurities), TISSUPOR® 3D promotes active healing – thanks to its revolutionary 3D structure. When applied, the surface of TISSUPOR® 3D is integrated into the wound tissue, inducing bleeding at the dressing changes, which refreshes the wound. This enables a significantly more effective method of healing severe and chronic wounds. Read more…

Superior healing performance

The unique active healing mechanism reduces the healing time of a wound significantly and let severe wounds looking better. Read more…

Much easier & less painful treatment

Due to the refreshment of the wound after removing a TISSUPOR® 3D wound pad (which also automatically removes the undesirable white fibrin layer), staff do not need to prepare the wound separately. The application of a new wound pad can be done immediately. Therefore a treatment is less painful for a patient. The mesh structure of TISSUPOR® 3D prevents strong odors. Read more…

Significantly lower therapy cost

Thanks to the simplified, more efficient and shorter wound management with TISSUPOR® 3D, therapy duration can be drastically reduced and expensive specialized personnel resources can be saved. Read more…

Benefits for Health Authorities & Health Insurances

TISSUPOR® 3D is a game changer in the treatment of severe and chronic wounds. It enables a significantly faster healing process and shorter hospitalization. Read more…

Proven by clinical studies

All the advantages of the TISSUPOR® 3D wound pad have been proven in various international clinical studies. Read more…

Innovative Product

Swiss High Quality

Active Healing

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